about us

Established in 2010

delish bubble tea is the brainchild of sisters Luchie, Nancy, and Genee. It was conceived as a trendy, family friendly lounge that offers bubble tea and a variety of other items. It was their dream for delish bubble tea to become a place where families spend time together and enjoy delicious products of the highest quality. They located their business where it would serve four different communities; McKinney, Allen, Plano, and Frisco.

Meet the Business Owners: Luchie, Nancy, and Genee

Luchie, Nancy, and Genee are the most important members of the management team and happen to be three Filipino sisters who own and run delish bubble tea. Luchie is an Accountant with 20 years of business experience in the corporate world. She is the operating manager of the business. Genee Flores has a bachelor's degree in nursing who loves to nurture her patients but also loves to concoct delicious drinks on her off days. Nancy Northington has notable experience as the previous owner of Mister Donut located in Asia. The sisters are active in the community as volunteers for non-profit organizations.


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